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Staff Name Last Name Phone NumberJob TitleAddressEmail Address
AnthonyLopez1.636.2853 Ext.20 | 408.839.5411 (AGENCY)After School Program ManagerYA Main | 7598 Monterey Road, Suite 150anthony@youthall.org
ArmandoGonzalez408.665.5813 (AGENCY)Community Outreach Specialist7598 Monterey Road, Suite 150armando@youthall.org
BerthaPerez408.665.0800 (AGENCY)Rod Kelley Elem. | Site Coordinator8755 Kern Ave. Gilroy Rm 34bertha@youthall.org
DavidGutierrez831.637.5831 Ext.711 831.537.5534 (AGENCY)GUIAS San Benito High School, Case Manager1220 Monterey St. Rm 396david@youthall.org
Diane Ortiz, MSW831.636.2853 Ext.23Executive DirectorYA Maindiane@youthall.org
GabbyAyala831.524.9747 (AGENCY)GANAS Case ManagerYA Maingabriela@youthall.org
GILROY OFFICE408.840.3685Branch Office7598 Monterey Road, Suite 150
JeanetteNeal831.673.9963 (AGENCY)Parent Education Organizer/Education EquityYA Mainjeanette@youthall.org
JoseMartinez-Saldana831.636.2853 Ext.13Deputy DirectorYA Main josem@youthall.org
JosephSoto408.665.0807 (AGENCY)South Valley Middle School Site Coordinator385 I00 F Ave. Gilroyjoseph@youthall.org
JuanHernandez408.665.2803 (AGENCY)Glen View Elem. | Site Coordinator600 West 8th St. Technology Ctr.juan@youthall.org
KimberlyDel Toro831.524.8187 (AGENCY) R.O Hardin Site CoordinatorYA Mainkimberly@youthall.org
LillianSilva831.537.3566 (AGENCY)Yep Outreach Lead7598 Monterey Road, Suite 150lillian@youthall.org
LizAlvarez831.637.5831 Ext.710 831.265.1243 (AGENCY)GUIAS San Benito High School, Case Manager1220 Monterey St. Rm 396liz@youthall.org
LorenaVillagomez831.265.1243 (AGENCY)Lead Outreach Specialist/Case Manager
YA MainLorena@youthall.org
MargieAllen831.664.6776 (AGENCY)Youth Support Services ManagerYA Mainmargie@youthall.org
MichelleGonzalez831-524-8205 (AGENCY)Eden MH -Neighborhood CoordinatorMorgan Hillmichelleg@youthall.org
MonicaHernandez408.665.1463 (AGENCY)Parent Alliance OrganizerYA Mainmonica@youthall.org
RandallRamírez, LMFT/LCSWContractorYA Mainrandall@youthall.org
RayCota831.524.8186 (AGENCY)Calaveras Site Coordinator1151 Buena Vista Rd. (CAL Library) raymond@youthall.org
RodrigoJimenez831.636.2853 Ext.15 | 408.337.6906 (AGENCY)Education and Justice ManagerYA Mainrigo@youthall.org
RosioValadez831.636.2853 Ext.20 831.673-9611 (AGENCY)After School Asst. Program ManagerYA Mainrosio@youthall.org
TaniaSantos408.665.5110 (AGENCY)Eliot Elem. Site Coord.475 Old Gilroy St. Gilroy Resource Ctrtania@youthall.org
Outreach SpecialistYA Mainveronicao@youthall.org
YA MAIN OFFICE831.636.2853 (MAIN)GENERAL OFFICE310 Fourth St. Ste 101admin@youthall.org







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