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Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)

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     Seeks to provide arts education to create meaningful and lasting change through theater, music and visual art. YA has partnered with world renowned Chicano theater company, El Teatro Campesino, Aromas San Juan School District and Aromas San Juan community Schools Foundation.

    VAPA provides afterschool guidance in creating, building, and starring in a show that is focused around bringing some awareness towards something that is current in the community. It is an open, safe environment for kids to get hands-on with multiple projects related to musical theatre, and develop skills in art, music, and drama. They then perform their show for their peers, classmates and parents. In both the school setting, and at a professional theatre.

    Visual and Performing Arts Academy Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will cultivate a love of human expression in the arts.
    • Students will be able to understand how the visual and performing arts reflect and inspire the richness of human expression.
    • Students will demonstrate knowledge and self-confidence in the visual art, music or theater discipline.
    • Students will demonstrate self-initiative to work collaboratively on a group project and effectively draw from all members’ strengths.
    • Students will improve one’s capacity to build strong, trusting relationships with others.
    • Students will deepen and expand their creative practice in their perspective disciplines of choice.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to plan and execute a project plan with success.

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