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  • Census Day is April 1, 2020

    We Count. We Rise. Be counted so San Benito County receives much needed federal funding for education, healthcare, transportation systems, and community services that are vital to our growth.


    The U.S. Census is a mandatory count of all people living in the United States and it happens every 10 years. Everyone Counts! Everyone in the United States must be counted, including children ages zero to 5, immigrants regardless of their immigration status and the homeless.

    El Censo de los Estados Unidos es un conteo obligatorio de todos los habitantes que se lleva acabo cada 10 años. ¡Todos contamos! Todos en los Estados Unidos son contados, incluso los niños de edades de 0 – 5, inmigrantes sin importar su estado inmigratorio, y personas desalojadas o sin hogar.

    Why does the Census matter?

    The Census is about funding and power: the population count of Hollister and all of San Benito County will determine the federal funding our communities will receive for programs such as free school lunch, roadwork and repair, medical services and food voucher and general benefits.

    The Census count will also determine the political boundaries of our region and Congressional representation we will have, the foundation of our democracy!

    The Census is completely confidential!

    ¿Por qué es importante el Censo?

    El Censo se trata de dinero y poder: la población contada por todo el Condado de San Benito determina la cantidad de fondos federales que recibiremos para programas tales como almuerzos escolares, construcción de carreteras, servicios médicos, y programas para alimentos y sostenimiento.

    El conteo de la población del Censo también determina los limites políticos y la representación en el Congreso, ¡la base de nuestra democracia!

    ¡El Censo es completamente confidencial?

    San Benito Counts

    Don Fidel - Message/Mensaje in Mixteco, Fill out the Census - Llene el Censo

    InformaGente -- Jorge Hernandez + Rosaicela Estrada



    For the 2020 Census to be successful, we need help from the community. Volunteering will ensure the census is complete and accurate.

    For more information on how you can help your community, please contact Monica at or (408) 665-1463

    [PICTURED] On Saturday, February 29, 2020, Youth Alliance representatives provided Census 2020 information to almost 300 attendees at a Consulado Mobil at the San Benito Health Foundation and co-sponsored by the Mexican General Consulate from San Jose.

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  • Upcoming Events

    For more information, please contact Monica at or (408) 665-1463

    Thursday, February 13: Volunteer Training @ 6:00 PM. Youth Alliance, 310 Fourth St, Hollister.

    Saturday, February 15: HTC Canvassing @ 9:00 AM.

    Thursday, February 20: SBC Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Meeting @ 3:00 PM. Veteran’s Hall, Hollister.

    Saturday, February 29: HTC Canvassing @ 9:00 AM.

    Saturday, March 14: HTC Canvassing @ 9:00 AM.

    Thursday, March 26: SBC Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Meeting @ 3:00 PM. Veteran’s Hall, Hollister.

    Saturday, March 28: HTC Canvassing @ 9:00 AM.

    Wednesday, April 1: Census Day!

    Useful Links

    San Benito County Census 2020 (official)

    California Census 2020 (official)

    United States Census Bureau (official)

    Community Foundation for San Benito County


Help support the 2020 Census! Print and share these posters with the community.
Gonzalez family
Gonzalez family (Spanish)
Silvia & Brian
Silvia & Brian (Spanish)
Maria & Miguel
Maria & Miguel (Spanish)
Isabelle (Spanish)
Monica (Spanish)
Belen (Spanish)


Press Releases

February 24, 2020: Youth Alliance covers outreach efforts for Census 2020 in San Benito County

March 6, 2020: Youth Alliance continues to cover ground Reaching to the Hard to Count for Census 2020 in San Benito County

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